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8 Aug 2016
Finding the right customers
You’re an entrepreneur with a great product but you need customers. You may feel desperate and you may be tempted to find customers, ANY customers, anywhere you can. But don’t rush into finding customers with that mentality. You need help finding the RIGHT customers. Thankfully social media entrepreneur Mark Shaw was on the Healthy Success Podcast with Kristian Cotta and offered a lot of fantastic advice in this regard. Here is a list of things you can do in order to stop attracting the wrong customers and start finding the right customers and clients for your business.

good customers

1.    Don’t be afraid to fail or you’ll never do anything. There’s no harm in getting it wrong as long as you learn from it and correct it.

2.    Unfortunately most start-ups won’t go anywhere. Don’t give up your day job until you have equaled your income with your business. Process required for a start-up don’t happen quickly so give yourself ample time to get it off the ground.

3.    Don’t spend too much time thinking, planning, preparing, and researching. You do need to do those things but you need the product out in the marketplace so people can buy it. Only after you have customers will you know if you have something that can go somewhere.

4.    Recognize that you will never start out with the perfect product. To start out, you just need to launch some sort of minimum viable product. Improvements will be made only after you begin doing business.

5.    Get your products out in front of strangers. Do not ask your friends and relatives about your business because they will not be honest with you and will not give you valuable feedback. Strangers will tell you exactly what they like or don’t like about your products. Most importantly, strangers will actually give the best possible feedback by either buying or not buying your products.

6.    If you’re desperate for sales, find a solution that doesn’t involve compromising your business or products. You can’t negotiate when you’re desperate. You’ll always come across as desperate and you’ll be taken advantage of. This will only attract bad clients that will cause you to do bad business.

7.    Give your best advice away for free. Then customers who recognize the value will end up paying you because you have demonstrated your worth. There is an analogy to illustrate this point. There are two ways to catch butterflies on your property. One way is to wait for the rare butterfly that comes along and then use a very large net to capture it. Another way is to grow very nice flowers to easily attract the butterflies, and then you’ve got them right where you want them. The first way is far more difficult. It’s like knocking doors, cold calling, and doing other low-converting activities. The second way is far easier, like giving advice away for free. The right customers will eventually flock to you and it’s a lot more pleasant.

8.    Don’t just try to sell to your clients. Empower them. The more training and education you give potential clients and customers for what they need, the more they come to you and do business with you.

9.    To market your product successfully, you don’t need to knock other products in the marketplace. Belittling others may burn bridges and some relationships may not be salvageable in the future. If your products are good, they should be able to stand on their own merits.

10.    You want to have customers and clients who aren’t just about the price and who won’t rip you apart on the margin. Sometimes you have to say no to people and turn down business. If you do bad business with someone, the people they recommend to you are going to be the same type of customer that just wants the cheapest stuff they can find. Those clients are the worst. It’s better to have fairer paying clients who treat you with respect because they bring lifetime value. When you have found the right customers, they recommend other right customers to you.

11.    Be honest with your customers and do what’s right for them, whether or not they buy your product. If you legitimately care for them and their needs, business will naturally come and your reputation will be the envy of others.

12.    If you find that you are wasting too much effort and energy on some of your clients, recognize that they may just be the wrong clients. Bad clients are the most demanding, the most stingy, and don’t want to pay on time. Don’t be afraid to drop those clients.

13.    A good negotiation is when you both win. Don’t be afraid to tell a client that what they might want won’t actually work out for them the way they think. Never be frightened to turn business away when it’s in the interests of the client or when it doesn’t make financial sense for the client. If you nail someone to the floor for business, they will buy from you once and then never again.

14.    If you think all your customers are freeloaders, the problem isn’t with the customers. The problem is with you because you gave them the idea that you’re cheap.

15.    Don’t forget that your customers talk to each other. You can’t have different prices and deals for different customers. You must treat everyone equally. The time you find out how you treated a customer is when it’s time for renewal.

16.    You need to find out what you are worth and believe in it. Stick to it, even if it means turning down business. If you can’t stick to your worth, you’ll attract the wrong customers.

17.    You can’t go wrong by doing right.

Source: Finding The Right Customers And Clients with Mark Shaw on the Healthy Success Podcast with Kristian Cotta


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